from “Red Tail” to “iBook” – How “Perceived Job-Market” gives birth TODAY “Recruit@In-house Academy”- Critics Roam Today (Newspaper)

(7) from “Red Tail” to “iBook – How “Perceived Job-Market gives birth TODAY “Recruit@In-house Academy”- Critics Roam Today (Newspaper)
I want help, to set up a forum with later advocacy, which about Job-Market associated Education.  If interested, please leave email address to me, or comments at discussion zone, also welcome answer 2 questions at this page end. The cause is:

How many people sure, capable to get the anticipated job, after 4 years, at the time they enrolled University and chose Major?  I thought some, but not many, especially at decade of economic downturn, or happen at lack of economic dynamic society.

I ever had been a HR officer and an agency recruiter.  Also like regular people in economic downturns day, as the Job-Seekers suffering from Job-Seeking. Regardless at home or café shop, experience seeing Low point not the Lowest days. Yet I thought some suffering really not necessary for jobseekers, e.g. find Advertisers marketing only not Real openings; Survey-style Time-consuming Application form; High education or license entrance fee” threshold for applicants.

Education and economic relation always is the government year round research topic. It is also the utmost, the leaders hoped to grasp, since this Mechanism really deep and broad, regular people indeed hard to participate amid.  So if we change this big problem to more ordinary level, thought easier to handle.  And society likes to transform difficult issue as taken, thus replaced by another term “Job-Market. That is it.  Suddenly the issue seems more amiable. However be reminded that, job market only a “phenomenon”, neither the tool nor resolution to help us look into the complexity structure of education and economics relation.  As time goes by, people already forgot who is first parable story- the chicken or the egg.

People like to “take it granted”, such things of easy to speak, understand, use; they naturally follow to popularize it together.  Therefore streets evolve being covered by job-market-terminology, sometimes one felt too much.  For good aspect, popularize brings convenience. For bad aspect, society used to take it granted and use it become then; many perception formed by ones sees or hears liable become fact; lot of convention contracted by private each other, structuring common view of usYou know just these, enough to constitute many unwritten, unreasonable and unfair stipulations, systems, labels and standards.  Worse, society dares to realize - a person who fails to find job, he is fail; a person who succeeds to find job, he is success.  We wonder how many people of us realize such kind conclusion and enough established.  People may say - see, everybody speak so, everybody think so. However in real life, we also know, person who without job but successful (e.g. not appease pop trends, succeeded by his own effort); person who with job, but failure (e.g. “corruption and embezzlement, damage publics benefit for their fault)

I am only one lady, here not to go roads of open or no-government. I only to speak, I am insider, knowing unwritten and unreasonable stipulation, system, label and standards damages, hope people minimize the perception as more as they could.  In fact nowadays science and technology zoom fast, no one in this world grasp actual situation completely, not to say to hire someone similar to self, grasp situation accurately and simultaneously, as well to help him production and earn money immediately. Or accordingly, is there any job seeker occasionally knows the vacancy and already simultaneously match to employers need perfectly, then to immediate apply, interview, convince employer to trust him, help employer make money at once? The answer is maybe, but no-one knows, because no one can completely grasp the immediate intelligence world.  The matter will go like that :

If employers cannot find the right candidate, they will hand over to HR staff or head-hunter to work for, however you know, generally the respective personnel also did not know the situation.  Indeed personnel in job-market, also like the parable blinds grope elephant-draw conclusion from incomplete information.  The difference is, they spend much time to do research to get the answer, and dedicated to seek near-candidates for you. So in order to satisfy your expectations, most personnel take your wish as standard.  If someone achieves this standard, and succeeded be hired final, he is defined as successful person. As time goes by, when variety people participate in this game, gradually form out the unwritten and unreasonable stipulation, system, label and standarda minuteThought you already not stand any longer, you may query.....First, finishing recruitment, cannot mean or guaranteed this person succeed or not upon his duty or later daysSecond, he succeeds, not equivalent I am “failure person”, why Job-Market uses hiring him standard to value me.....Regret, in reality, the hiring game almost like this, and slowly becomes our norm.

Actually people want to climb up “Social Hierarchy, get wealth and live dignity, even willing to pay big price for it, the process is serious, I do understand and very respect all. However be clear, it still speaking life attitude only.  More, we say every people should work hard for future, however this saying not also owns to job markets business.  Again job market is kind of phenomenon , neither reality, tool nor plan.  If you benefit at job market, congratulation.  But there not stand for society just using, who being advantaged or disadvantaged from job market the way, to value each other.  Until now I might have said too much lessons, let us return to mechanism of education and economic relation, to reveal deep and more.

Since this game like the parable blinds grope elephant, drawing conclusion from incomplete information.  As many as participants, play this game easily follow to groping altogether.  Therefore reduce fuzziness is the way.  In short the direct economic Supply-Demand theory is the way I mean.  If this principle used properly, the matter is clear, namely what you want I give what.  Human is not material, has thinking and emotion, we realize human are different individuals.  Therefore the recruit personnel can determine by plus and minus scores for individuals of their thought fit.  The supply-demand theory, at least reduces Job-Market fuzzy area”.

I think employers are the clearest ones, who recognize what kind talents they need, and eternally willing pay for them the price.  I suggest the employers establish Recruit@ In-house Academy(hereafter said RAIHA).  It is very different from existing internal training.  The former is anticipation, while the latter is follow-up.  I really hope employers play more active role in the job market.  In order to help job seekers to be hired ASAP, meantime benefits employers themselves to find the right candidate, as well to help young people in society soonest catch up the hierarchy.

The pace ensures matching contemporary society very much. Let me make a successful presumptionin advance. Taking young people graduated from university as starting point, there at least shows job seekers their responsibility in completing the 4-years-education and achieved kinds of basic skills already. If not find a job, is only fortune reason, not ability problem itself.

Therefore I hope society all sectors, no need insist setting too high threshold for them, e.g. config Major Subject”, Impractical Experience, etc., as being theapplication requirement”.  Since science and technology change daily, we have to confess that 4 year tertiary education already cannot overtake actual condition nowadays.  If employers open enough, act positively setting up Recruit@In-house Academy, eagerly develop specific talented people for their own, way is not hard to succeed. Please forgive me presume this level threshold, you know too High, not easy to find jobs, too Low, employer no interest. My origin just, reduces unnecessary fizziness and society perception unfair for jobseekers; and NOT to disturb Regular Talented Competition of capitalism.

About the worry of how RAIHA works? And is project huge? Lets draw attention to the recent Microsoft new product Self-made Textbook - iBook, there reveal education trends to Open development, signify the importance of knowledge and technology exchange between individual and groups of society" , therefore Recruit@In-house Academy no matter the technology or scale, do you think will challenge us of New Intelligence Age with our society? For employer, no matter their “motivation driven by education or by economic origin, I think the achievements the same Splendid.  The origin is to encourage more knowledge and technology exchange among government and the sectors in every way.  More exchange more welcome, e.g. inter-discipline, inter-level, inter-industry, inter-company, inter-sector, inter-academy, inter-trainer, inter-media, inter-profession..... namely inter-supply respectively as ask; each take according to each need.  For funding, I estimate Recruit@ In-house Academy cost similar to internal training.  That is, after Recruit@In-house Academy advanced studies to a time, then becomes internal training, after internal training to a time, thus need another new openings for new era, Recruit@In-house Academy helps employers sense industry always in progress meantime let the personnel acknowledge the market changes.

You may ask this idea suits Technology and Computer related industries only, to some extent - yes, above had said now I am only one person, I hope the idea enables containing more areas and helping more people, meantime I am collecting support and helpers by essay. That is why I here set up Blog forum for your valuable views and resources. For later days how? Simply depend kinds of response. So first may I know your thoughts? If interested, please answer the following 2 questions :

 * Reply: fill below, click here (Critics Roam Today (newspaper) - Page 3)

(name) ________(email_________)/ employer (name) ______(email_______)

Do you agree Recruit@In-house Academy(RAIHA) idea? Which agree? Which disagree? Other suggestions?

I am/We are, (select 1 from follows) job seeker/employer/co-worker/regular people,would like to (select 1 from follows) inquiry/join/assist/set up, the Recruit@In-house Academy (RAIHA).


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